Boulevarding Tips

How to Boulevard: A guide

Boulevarding before the game

At SMU, we like to say that we don’t tailgate – we Boulevard. Before home football games, you’ll find students, alumni and Mustang fans socializing up and down Bishop Boulevard. One alumna, Palmer Beldy ’22, shares her top tips for a successful Boulevard.

“What is a Boulevard?” you might ask. Well, I am happy to tell you that it is one of the best game day traditions on any college campus, if I do say so myself. It is such a great time to connect with the entire Mustang community, and it reminds you of what and who make SMU so special. Plus, you get to have the best time with friends, faculty, alumni and the administration. 

Palmer Beldy at the game

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you rock it.

Set the “s’mood”
Everyone needs a good playlist to set the mood for the day. Some ambassadors and I got together to make this SMU-themed playlist, so take a listen to it while you are getting ready to cheer on the ’stangs.

Some fellow SMU Ambassadors and I got together to make a SMU-themed playlist, so take a listen to it on Spotify or Apple Music while you are getting ready to cheer on the ’stangs."

Prep your look 
The first game day is simple – all white. White dresses, white polos or button-downs are typically the norm for our “white-out” on the first game day, but wear whatever you are comfortable in – that is what matters! It is so magical to see the sea of white on the Boulevard at the start of the school year. After the first game, any mix of SMU colors (red, white and blue) works beautifully. Typically, everyone is wearing fun “going out and about” outfits. My go-to is my red cowboy hat.

Also, make sure to have a clear bag or a really small bag for your belongings per Ford Stadium policy. You can find more information about what is allowed into the stadium on their website.

Grab brunch
A hidden tradition within Boulevarding is to get brunch with your friends before you hit the Boulevard. Luckily, Dallas is home to so many good restaurants that you’ll have a new place to try before each game. Some of my favorites are Sixty Vines and Dolce Riviera. If you want a chill morning, swing by Merit Coffee or Foxtrot to grab a coffee and a quick bite.

Take a lap
The Boulevard is essentially a big block party. White tents home to students, alumni, faculty groups and vendors will sprawl down the Boulevard as far as the eye can see. So, make sure to explore and say hi to your Mustang family! I recommend doing a full lap around the Boulevard every game day. You never know who you might see!

Catch the SMU band, cheer, pom and Peruna make their way around the Boulevard before the game. It is so much fun to get to see your friends and fellow Mustangs doing their thing! Get as close to the Boulevard as possible for the best view.

Download your student ticket BEFORE the game
Download the SMU Athletics app and download your student ticket or your QR Code BEFORE game day! That way, you can stroll right on in and see your ’stangs play without any hang-ups. You can find more information on the Athletics page.

Show your pony pride!
The Boulevard is truly one of my favorite memories at SMU. It is so much fun, and you get to see so many wonderful people and leaders all in one place, so enjoy it and show off your pony pride!

More Information

You can find information about what is and isn't allowed into the stadium on their website.

Find more information on the Athletics page.