The President's Task Force on Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures

SMU President R. Gerald Turner created the Task Force on Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures on September 28, 2012, to re-examine the University’s procedures and policies related to sexual misconduct.

The Task Force reviewed benchmark practices nationwide and heard perspectives of local and national experts. The examination took into account adherence to state and federal laws, especially Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which requires colleges and universities to investigate and provide internal grievance procedures for such allegations.

The Task Force made 41 recommendations, all of which were accepted by President Turner in May 2013. The recommendations address areas including sexual misconduct reporting procedures, Title IX requirements, the student conduct process, education programs for students, enhanced training for staff and communications to parents.

SMU has implemented all of the Task Force's recommendations. The staff, faculty, students and administrators serving on the Task Force Implementation Group continue to coordinate and monitor the University's efforts to combat sexual misconduct. The Implementation Group includes students, faculty members, the Title IX Coordinator and representatives of SMU Police, Counseling Services, the Health Center, Dean of Student Life Office, Student Advocacy and Support, the Women & LGBT Center, Chaplain's Office, and Residence Life and Student Housing.