SANE Exam at SMU Health Center

Students who have experienced a sexual assault may choose to access a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) at the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center at no charge.

Requesting a SANE Exam

Call 1-800-886-7273 to request a SANE Exam 24/7. You may also walk into the Health Center during business hours to begin the process.

Choosing to have a SANE Exam does not require you to report the assault to law enforcement. If you choose to have a SANE Exam at the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center, nothing about the assault or exam will be added to your health record unless it’s necessary to see one of the clinic’s medical providers due to a physical injury. In such cases, your privacy is protected by state and federal law. Due to legal requirements, a report will be submitted to the university containing only anonymous, non-identifying information about the assault. This is not the same as informing or filing a report with the police.

If you are uncertain about whether to pursue a SANE Exam, consider the following support options:

Preparing for a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam

Your exam will be provided by a qualified nurse who will meet with you before the exam to discuss the process. You have the right to have an advocate present during the exam. The advocate is there to support you, provide resources and help explain your options. What you say to the advocate is confidential.

If possible, do not change clothes, shower, brush your teeth, eat or drink, or use the bathroom until after your exam. If you have already done any of these things, it’s okay; you can still have the exam.

The exam may include:

  • Medical care
  • Medicines to prevent infection and/or pregnancy
  • Discussion about the assault
  • Examination for and photography of injuries
  • Skin swabs
  • Clothing collection
  • Blood and urine samples

If there is any part of the exam you are uncomfortable with, you can skip that portion. After the exam, you will receive information about follow up care and who to call with questions.

Learn about options for filing a report with SMU Police or the Title IX Coordinator.