Faculty research

SMU faculty combine rigorous research with a commitment to shape world changers. Many of our faculty members, including the selected experts below, contribute to the growth of interdisciplinary research with a global impact at SMU.

Alejandro Aceves Alejandro Aceves

Alejandro Aceves

Department of Mathematics

Stephen Arrowsmith Stephen Arrowsmith

Stephen Arrowsmith

Department of Earth Sciences

Eric G. Bing

Eric G. Bing

Department of Anthropology

Department of Applied Physiology and Sport Management


Klaus Desmet

Klaus Desmet

Department of Economics

Minjun Kim Minjun Kim

Minjun Kim

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Elfi Kraka Elfi Kraka

Elfi Kraka

Department of Chemistry

David Meltzer

David Meltzer

Department of Anthropology

Alicia E. Meuret Alicia E. Meuret

Alicia E. Meuret

Department of Psychology

Anthony Petrosino Anthony Petrosino

Anthony Petrosino

Department of Teaching and Learning

Mitchell Thornton Mitchell Thornton

Mitchell Thornton

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Annie Wright

Annie Wright

Center on Research and Evaluation

Jia Zhang Jia Zhang

Jia Zhang

Department of Computer Science