As long as they have an SMU ID number and password, they can use Qualtics. Basically, all faculty, staff, and students can use the service.

Please have the other user sign in to Qualtics at least once before sharing a project/survey with them.

  1. Edit Project
  2. Under the Survey tab,  Click on Survey Flow
  3. Beneath the Default Question Block click on the Add a New Element Here link
  4. Choose Authenticator
  5. Set Authentication Type to SSO
  6. Deselect Associate Respondent with Panel
  7. Change SSO Type to Shibboleth
  8. Find the Move link in the Default Question Block (above the authenticator block you just created).
  9. Click on the Move link and drag the Default Question Block down into the authenticator block you just created.
  10. Click the Save Flow button at the bottom right.