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Power BI

Designed for complex data analysis and visualizations.

Power BI

Designed for complex data analysis and visualizations

logoPower BI is a Microsoft application designed for complex data analysis and visualizations. Faculty and Staff are now eligible for Microsoft Power BI Pro.

Please Note: Contractors, students, and affiliates are not eligible for Power BI licenses under our current license agreement. Individual licenses can be purchased either by the department or individual if needed.

Get Started

Power BI is enabled for authorized users by default. Users can download the application by signing in to the Microsoft 365 portal and choosing to download the app.

Power BI on a MAC? Unfortunately, there is not currently a desktop application for PowerBI for macOS. We recommend using the online version using the Sign In button above or accessing a Windows-based desktop version through Apporto.

Security, Permissions, and Data Management

Please Note: All dashboards and visualization must comply with the Institutional Data Governance Policy 8.6.

Once you have access to the application, you have the ability to connect power bi to various data sources to create your visualizations. You will also be able to fully control the permissions of the dashboard and underlying data. This is a powerful tool. Please make sure you are diligent in assigning permissions and managing any sensitive data that might be included in your report.

  • Reports are typically created and stored under your account. For departmental datasets, please assign an alternate owner.
  • Please always restrict access to your dashboards unless you intend for anyone to see the underlying data.