The SMU account provided grants access to the various technology resources. The username is typically your eight-digit SMU ID number. In some cases, you will need to enter smu\ in front of your ID, for example smu\0000111. Microsft 365 is the only service that requires your email address as your username, rather than your eight-digit SMU ID.

Please Note:
 Your account information including your password should never be shared with anyone!

Account Creation

Student accounts are created through an automated process triggered by my.SMU. Accounts are provided once a student is accepted into SMU. If the student does not enroll, the account is deleted following the census date. Students maintain their accounts through their SMU academic career. Once created, a letter will be sent containing the SMU ID number. Students may then go to and create their initial password.

The account is established with access to the following:

  • my.SMU account
  • SMU E-mail address
  • Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Personal Box space
  • Membership on the student bulk e-mail list

Student Worker Accounts

Students employed in various departments and schools may also receive a separate student worker account. This account is required for any students who need access to departmental network space, Administrative access to mySMU, or permissions for AdminImages. These account IDs begin with a W and must be requested by the student's supervisor. These accounts have a separate password which expires every 12 months. To request a student worker account, the supervisor must complete the webform located at Online Support Center.

Former Student Accounts

Beginning in May 2014, student accounts will no longer be terminated under normal conditions.  If a student has completed a course at SMU, the following accounts and services will remain active:

  • my.SMU with a limited set of permissions
  • SMU Email
  • PerunaNet

Access to other services will be discontinued after a specified period of time based on student type.

  • Graduated student: 365 days
  • Discontinued student: 180 days
  • Administrative Withdrawal: 30 days