ARA and SMU Announce Microrobotics Collaboration

Chemically coated microparticles performing different trajectories under computer control. Microparticles are 10 microns in diameter. Credit: ARA

Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) and the Biological Actuation, Sensing, and Transport Laboratory (BAST Lab) at SMU (Southern Methodist University) announced a collaboration to further advance microrobotics technology for real world applications. This specific collaboration focuses on researching the propulsion characteristics of chemical-coated microrobots within realistic mucus fluid environments. Dr. Louis William Rogowski of ARA’s Integrated Products Division will be spearheading the research and conducting all major experiments. Dr. MinJun Kim, the principal investigator of SMU’s BAST Lab, along with members of his team will be contributing their expertise and providing access to their laboratory.

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