Inaugural SMU+GSV Mission Summit to focus on 'Capitalism Refresh'

Purpose and profit are truly great partners, organizers say

DALLAS (SMU) – Aiming to accelerate the growing wave of businesses that combine purpose and profits, leaders in the corporate “Mission Movement” will gather at the SMU+GSV Mission Summit May 22-24 on the campus of SMU in Dallas, Texas.

The 2023 Summit in Dallas builds on the tradition of GSV’s internationally recognized and acclaimed annual summit program, gathering a mix of entrepreneurs, investors and leaders from business, academia, government and non-profits to focus on propelling society forward. Scheduled speakers include Rob Kaplan, former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; Avery Johnson, former athlete and coach; Jennifer Chandler, managing director and president of Bank of America; Mike Carter, CEO and founder of BizEquity; Jeff Hoffman, founder and chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Alex Holmes, chairman and CEO of MoneyGram. See the full list of speakers here.

Known as the father of modern capitalism, Adam Smith wrote in 1776 of the “invisible hand” that would guide people to pursue their own interests in a free market, leading to beneficial social and economic outcomes. In his1789 presidential inaugural address, George Washington spoke about a different type of “invisible hand" – that people were really motivated by adding purpose and meaning to their lives.

“While capitalism has been the greatest creator of wealth and has raised the standard of living for hundreds of millions of people around the world, it’s also been under attack, especially among young people,” said Michael Moe, founder and CEO of GSV. “Many polls among millennials and Gen Z show that socialism is viewed more favorably than capitalism.” 

“We think capitalism is still the answer, but it needs a refresh,” said Moe “There is a growing tidal wave of businesses that combine purpose and profits which we are calling the “Mission Movement.” We believe the truly great businesses of tomorrow will have the ambition of a for-profit and the heart of a non-profit. Effectively, it’s George Washington’s invisible hand merged with Adam Smith’s.”

Michael Moe and Michael Carter co-authored The Mission Corporation, the best-selling business book on next generation entrepreneur-led capitalism. In addition to host university SMU, partners in the inaugural Mission Summit include Hoque Global and American City Business Journals. 

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