A Message from Dr Turner and Dr Dixon-Hall

Dear SMU Community,

As we close out the spring semester, we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates, faculty and staff and look forward to vacations and well-deserved rest. Yet, we are reminded that the virus of racial violence continues to stalk our community and country.

Members of our African American and Asian American-Pacific Islander communities can attest to the sad reality that hatred and violence do not take a vacation. We mourn with the families and communities targeted by shooters in East Buffalo, New York and North Dallas. No one should fear a quick trip to the grocery store or the beauty shop because of their skin color or ethnicity.

It would be easy to look around at the state of our world and believe nothing will change as we are bombarded with news of atrocities, wars and suffering each day. But we are world changers, equipped to meet this moment with intellect, passion, innovation and faithful courage. We believe that every Mustang is valued.

So, wherever this summer finds each of you, let us remain committed as a community to being upstanders when someone is targeted. Offer support, call the authorities and refuse to endorse it with your silence when the hateful comment is made or the meme is sent. Change does not happen in a tidal wave; it happens in small drips of courage and care for one another.


R. Gerald Turner Dr. Maria Dixon Hall
R. Gerald Turner
Dr. Maria Dixon Hall
Chief Diversity Officer