A Mustang always pays his debts

The payoff -- SMU Dean Matthew Myers' wager with TCU Dean Homer Erekson

Iron Skillet wagerLast week, before the Battle of the Iron Skillet between the SMU and TCU football teams, SMU Business School Dean Matthew Myers made a friendly wager with TCU Business School Dean Homer Erekson.

The wager called for the losing side of this 71-year-old football rivalry to wear the other’s colors and toast the winning team. So in light of Saturday's final score, TCU Horned Frogs: 56, SMU Mustangs: 36, Dean Myers dutifully held up his end of the bargain by donning TCU's colors, purple and white, and toasting:

"For better or for worse.....

'Congratulations to our Horned Frog Friends at The Neeley School. #waittillnextyearGoPonies!' "