SMU Students to Start a Social Movement with Cupcakes

Six SMU students launch a cupcake business focused on helping others.

By Leah Johnson

Daniel Poku remembers the day he felt the calling. After he received his license, he and his brother decided to go for a ride. Poku drove while his brother sat in the passenger seat.
At a stop sign, there stood a homeless man with a scraggly beard who asked Poku for help. Before this day, Poku had never felt it was his duty to help the homeless because he had always been a passenger. But on that day, Poku was in the driver’s seat and that homeless man was asking him for help.
With this eye-opening experience came CauseCakes.
Spearheaded by Poku, CauseCakes has five other members Tyler Scott, Stephen Nelson, Marc Feldman, Paul Curry, and Kyle Spencer. All SMU juniors, the group plans to spread kindness and awareness through their sweet treats....

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