Rogers Healy: Life's short, so avoid rat race's pitfalls

Rogers Healy, owner/broker of Dallas-based Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, is featured in a Q&A in the latest edition of the Dallas Business Journal.

By Candace Carlisle

It’s only been a week since Rogers Healy’s near-death experience, but he’s still visibly shaken.
Healy, owner of Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, was cycling in Highland Park at the intersection of Armstrong and Fairfield avenues when he was hit by a car, knocked off his bicycle and rerouted to the emergency room.
“I literally thought I was going to die, and I thought, ‘What am I doing?’” said Healy, who spoke to Reporter Candace Carlisle in mid-September. “Life is short, and I don’t want to just do something because everyone else has done it.”
It was the wake-up call Healy says he needed to remind him that life is short and he doesn’t want to fall into the pitfalls of being caught up in the rat race....

I started doing real estate in my junior year at Southern Methodist University. I was 21, and I didn’t come from a real estate family. At SMU, the majority of students aren’t from Dallas and don’t really know the neighborhoods to live in after they moved off campus, so I really acted as a liaison even before I had my license. Then, I saw it as an opportunity to make some money and to do something different. At first it was a job, and then it pretty quickly progressed to a career....