Adweek names Dallas photographer a top 10 talent in the world

By Cheryl Hall

Dallas advertising photographer Tom Hussey has received many awards for his images, which are used by such brands as AT&T, Coca-Cola and American Airlines.

But no accolade has come more out of the blue than his recent designation by Adweek magazine as one of the top 10 creative talents in the world.

When Hussey received an email notifying him of the honor, he thought it was a typo with a zero or two left off. And surely the magazine meant in the country, not the world.

He was wrong on both counts.

In its Sept. 5 issue, Adweek chose Hussey and nine others from an international field of nearly 2,800 illustrators, graphic artists, art directors, videographers and photographers as the 10 best of its Talent 100 list. The magazine says the top 10 produced the “most surprising, impressive and inventive” creative work anywhere on the globe.

The 46-year-old principal of Hussey Photography LLC in Dallas was the only American in the unranked elite list of 10.

Reality didn’t sink in until Hussey saw one of his photographs in full-page splendor in the Sept. 5 edition of the national publication.

He didn’t even know he was in the running. It wasn’t a contest you entered. . .

After graduating from Arlington  High School in 1983, he earned his degree in film production with a minor in photography from Southern Methodist University four years later.

Photography was his passion. But the only way Hussey figured he could make a living as one was to become a wedding photographer — and that sent chills up his spine.

 He headed off to Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, where he learned the pragmatic skills of advertising photography. He moved back to Dallas and opened a studio in the Design District in 1994.

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