North Texas Hiring Spree

SMU students are interviewed about area businesses starting to hire new employees as the economy improves.

By Amber Fisher
The 33 News
Business owner Linda Day owns four small businesses in the metroplex.

She says she's looking to hire new employees for the first time in over a year. . .

This is great news for graduating college students.

SMU student Haley Gatewood said, "That's encouraging for me, because I know that people are hiring and there are opportunities out there. I definitely spent the past semester or so really working on my resume and making sure it was up to snuff."

But, some still feel the odds aren't good enough.

"It gives me hope, but three out of ten isn't that much," said SMU student Peyton Fesperman. "I wish it was seven or nine out of 10, but I guess that's better than nothing."

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