Afsana: My summer as a White House intern

Afsana blogs about spending this summer as an intern at the White House, including famous people she met.


AfsanaAfsana, who is majoring in international studies in SMU's Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, blogged about spending this summer as an intern at the White House.

"Interning at the White House this summer was truly an amazing experience," Afsana wrote in her blog. "I was there for about three months working in the Management and Administration Office. My main job was to update security access lists, file documents and schedule White House tours. I was also involved in other various activities within the White House Internship Program as a whole. . .

"My favorite of all the activities that I was involved in at the White House was the speaker series event," she continued. "We heard from speakers ranging from Assistants to the President to the First Lady and the Vice President. All of the speakers gave great advice about school, careers and life itself.

"My favorite speaker was the First Lady. We got to take a picture with after she spoke, and I got lucky by getting to stand right next her because I was one of the smallest interns. I also got a hug from her for being so tiny, and she chatted with me a little bit, too! The Vice President was a great speaker as well. He actually got off his podium and the stage to walk around us interns and talk. I was sitting in the very front row when the Vice President was speaking, so he came up to me to ask for my name to use me as an example for one of his talking points. That was really cool!"

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Afsana, who works at SMU’s John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, was awarded the internship through the White House Internship Program.

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