SMU welcomes the Class of 2015 as a new year begins

As a new school year begins, take a minute to consider the adventure that lies ahead.

Students and professor walking across the Southern Methodist University campus

As a new school year begins at SMU, it is a particularly exciting time to be here — the University is commemorating the 100th anniversary of its founding with The Second Century Celebration.

Classes started Monday, August 22, and it's a good time for first-year students to consider their first lesson — college is different. And for more experienced students to remind themselves that each new school year brings a new beginning.

High school students typically study outside of class as little as two hours a week for frequent, small tests. In college, they need to study at least two to three hours outside of class for each hour in class, for just a few big tests each term.

And in high school, students can count on parents and teachers to remind them of their responsibilities. In college, they must set their own priorities.

SMU’s Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center offers free tutoring and workshops throughout the academic year, including on time management, learning styles and test preparation. The center offers 10 tips to help you . . . read more.

SMU Parents Liaison Deanie Kepler regularly offers advices for both parents and students.

"Certain times in the academic year tend to be more challenging than others," says Kepler. "Parents who understand the 'ups and downs' of their student's first year will be better equipped to help them negotiate the challenges they will face." See a month-by-month list of what to expect the first semester.

Don't miss Kepler's list of friendly reminders for the start of school.

And don't forget the community side of SMU:

For information about religious holidays, please visit the Office of the Chaplain's information page.

Convocation, a tradition dating to 1915, was celebrated Sunday, August 21, with professors and administrators formally welcoming students to a new academic year. This year's principal speaker was SMU President R. Gerald Turner. The text of his speech is available online and a video of the address will be available soon.

As part of that tradition, first-year and transfer students participated in Rotunda Passage by walking through the Rotunda of Dallas Hall, SMU's first building and a historical landmark.

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