Artists in high demand for video game industry

Nick Heitzman, faculty member of the Guildhall at SMU, a video game development program, talks about opportunities for artists in the video game development industry.

By Mike Snider

Are video games works of art? The debate goes on, but there's no question that art is integral to video games.

To compete in the $60 billion global video game marketplace, top studios have assembled NFL-roster-size teams of increasingly specialized artists to create blockbuster titles. And the growing demand for high-profile talent has led colleges and art schools to increase the course and degree options for prospective video game artists.

"As gaming continues to rise in popularity, cross gender and social boundaries, and expand in what defines a gaming experience, artists of all types will be in high demand to provide all the visual elements we as game consumers expect and at the quality we demand," says Nick Heitzman, a game developer and member of the faculty at the Guildhall graduate game development program at Southern Methodist University....