Trader Joe's looking to set up first store in Dallas area

SMU Business Professor Mike Davis talks about the implications and ramifications of Trader Joe's opening in Dallas.


DALLAS — North Texans are about to get a new option for grocery shopping.

Trader Joe's grocery store is preparing to open ten new stores in Texas, including one in the Dallas area. The new stores would be the chain's first Texas locations, and the Dallas-area store is expected to be the first to open. . .

Trader Joe's has a hip reputation for offering "designer foods" at affordable prices. One of its best-known offerings is their $2-a-bottle California wines. 

Mike Davis, an economist with the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business, said the arrival of Trader Joe's in Dallas is a good thing.

"It means Dallas is growing because Trader Joe's is not going to go into a market that's not growing," he said. "It also means we're affluent, because Trader Joe's is catering to kind of a higher-end customer."

Davis said Trader Joe's arrival in town will also increase competition for grocery stores already in town.

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