American Airlines gets boost from NBA Finals

SMU Business Professor Mike Davis talks about the image boost American Airlines is getting from the NBA finals by having its name on both courts.


DALLAS — The Miami Heat aren't the only ones with home court advantage for the NBA Finals.

American Airlines comes out on top whether the series is played in Miami or Dallas. That's because both arenas bear the name of the Fort Worth-based carrier.

The moment the Dallas Mavericks advanced to the Finals, American Airlines was already a winner.

"This is a great deal for American," said Mike Davis, an economics and finance professor at the SMU Cox School of Business. "They paid for regular season coverage and now they're getting a bonus."

It means the airline is getting its name repeated over and over in the NBA Finals.

The home of the Mavs is the American Airlines Center; in Miami, the home of the Heat is the American Airlines Arena. . .

Davis said this is better than advertising, because the airline's brand is embedded in this event.

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