NFL to Repay Fans for Texas Missteps

Michael Lysko, director of the sports management program at SMU, talks about Dallas's chances of hosting another Super Bowl.


DALLAS—The National Football League offered 2012 Super Bowl tickets to disgruntled ticket holders left seatless at Sunday's big game, as Texas officials downplayed the effects a series of snafus might have on their chances to snag future big events.

About 1,250 fans who had traveled to north Texas to watch the Packers play the Steelers were told Sunday afternoon that the seats they had paid for weren't available. For about 400 of those ticket holders, no other seats could be found. . .

Marketing experts said they think the area has a pretty good shot (at another Super Bowl) with league officials, despite the weather-related problems early in the week.

"There's no doubt in my mind that the next time Dallas is eligible they will get it," said Michael Lysko, director of the sports management program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. A former commissioner of the Canadian Football League, Mr. Lysko said he had heard a lot of enthusiasm from NFL officials about their Texas experiences and the "football fever" in the state.

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