Green Minute Contest challenges students to produce a video encouraging sustainability

Students are urged to produce a "Green Minute" video that encourages sustainability.

Green Minute Video competition

DALLAS (SMU) – SMU’s Sustainability Committee is seeking student entries for the third annual Green Minute Video competition, which challenges students to produce a fun, one-minute video that encourages sustainable behavior on the Hilltop.

The entries are due at noon, Friday, Nov. 18.  The first-place video winner will win an iPad2; the second-place winner will receive a 22-inch flat screen TV; and the third-place winner will earn a $50 Starbucks gift card. All entrants will take home a sustainability grab bag. 

The first place video will be included in the program at TEDxKids @SMU on Dec. 2 and TEDxSMU on Dec. 3.  The winning video will be posted to the SMU website and used at various events to help promote sustainability on the Hilltop.

The rules for the “students only” contest are simple:

  • Give the mini-movie a  “G” rating.
  • Keep it under a minute.
  • Use just about anything that shoots video – including a phone.

Movies should be submitted to in .mov or .wmv format.  

Students may focus on any sustainability topic they choose, but the committee offers these suggestions as a starting point:

  • Reducing your personal carbon footprint
  • Using public transportation instead of driving
  • Buying from green producers
  • Turning off  lights
  • Printing fewer paper products
  • Promoting sustainability research on campus

Green Minute Video competition‘This contest is as fun for us as it is for the students,” said Eric English, co-chair of the SMU Sustainability Committee.  “The videos do a terrific job of spreading the sustainability message on and off campus, and we feature them at various events throughout the year. “

Any questions about the contest should be directed to Kelly Milazzo at  The Sustainability Committee is a group of faculty, students and staff who promote sustainability and increased environmental awareness on campus.