Inside the In-N-Out Burger Empire

Edward Fox, marketing professor at SMU's Cox School of Business, talks about what makes some businesses particularly successful.

By Meredith Land

When In-N-Out Burger made its way to Texas, it was explosive -- and a slam dunk for the California chain.

Lines of cars, mobs of people crowded the entrances in what many described as a feeding frenzy.

In-N-Out's menu is classic fast food -- burgers, fries, drinks and shakes. But you won't find a freezer or microwave on the premises.

All beef and produce is delivered and hand-cut daily. But there are secrets behind all the success....

Marketing experts such as Ed Fox, a professor at SMU, said such secrets lure customers.

"We talk about customers as evangelists -- customers who like what you do and they like your product and your service so much that they are ready to tell all their friends about it and anybody who they meet about it -- and In-N-Out Burger seems to have captured that kind of enthusiasm," he said.