Perry Campaign Says Economic Specifics Can Wait

SMU political science Professor talks about what Perry loses by stalling on the details.

Gov. Rick Perry, still bedeviled by critics, may be looking to turn the conversation back to the economy, but he has yet to unveil a detailed plan on how to get America working again.

Perry's policy plans, or lack thereof, were on display in the last Republican debate in Orlando, Fla., especially when Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked Perry exactly how he would create jobs....

Southern Methodist University political science professor Cal Jillson says the longer Perry waits, the more he stands to lose.

“At some point he's got to move from the sort of bumper-sticker ideological generalities that have worked in Texas to the kinds of in-depth, paragraph-length explanations of complicated issues that people expect of a presidential candidate," Jillson said....

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