Prayer Event Poses Risk For Perry, Rising In The Polls

SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson talks about Texas Gov. Rick Perry's prominence at the Sept. 6 prayer event.

DALLAS, TX (KERA) - As Governor Rick Perry moves closer to deciding on a Presidential campaign, his popularity has shot up in a national political poll.

When the Gallop organization asked likely republican voters last week who they supported for President only Mitt Romney had more support for the GOP presidential nomination. Some 17% backed Romney, while 15% chose Perry.

KERA's Shelley Kofler reports that Perry's star is rising as he plans for a prayer event that carries risk.

In just a little over a week, Governor Perry will host a day of prayer and fasting in Houston's Reliant Stadium, which can seat more than 71,000.

Perry's image dominates the front page of the event website, His videotaped messages says our nation is in crisis and needs God's help. . .

SMU political analyst Cal Jillson says as a likely candidate for President Perry is flirting with danger.

Jillson: The governor has associated himself with some fairly out-there fundamentalist Christians. When the microphones are there they could easily say something that would be offensive to a lot of people and damaging to the Governor.

Jillson says Perry's original event plans have also fallen a little flat. Perry has invited the 49 other governors but only Governor Sam Brownback from Kansas has RSVP'ed.

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