An Eye For An Eye, TOMS Shoes Founder, Blake Mycoskie Unveils New Eyewear Line

TOMS founder and SMU alumnus Blake Mycoskie unveils a line of sunglasses, proceeds from which will help give sight to those in need through medical treatments, prescription glasses, or sight-saving surgeries through a partnership with the Seva Foundation.

On June 7, the big reveal heard round the world started with eighty Mystery Boxes around the nation and specifically at six Neiman Marcus locations, including the NorthPark and Fort Worth stores.  The news spread like wildfire virally due to word of mouth, news outlets, and the omnipresent help of social media as TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie unveiled the next chapter of the philanthropic brand.

Onlookers patiently waited with refreshments and DJ melodies in-store while huge cylindrical tubes under lock and key mysteriously tempted consumers of what new surprise Mycoskie had in store.  Huge applause, smiles, and congratulations were abound as the new concept for TOMS Shoes is that they are no longer just a shoe company, but a one-for-one company.  The SMU alum and Arlington native boasted of the quite literal visionary venture that TOMS is undertaking by branching out into an eyewear line.

For every pair of sunglasses sold, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need through medical treatment, prescription glasses, or sight-saving surgery through a partnership with the Seva Foundation. While the end goal is to help give sight to people in need all around the world, the TOMS team will begin in Nepal, Cambodia, and Tibet.

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