SMU Meadows Students Dominate 2011 Dallas ADDY® Awards

Students in SMU's Temerlin Advertising Institute created campaigns that dominated the 2011 Dallas ADDY® Awards.

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Students from SMU's Temerlin Advertising Institute at the 2011 Dallas ADDY Awards
At the 2011 Dallas ADDY® Awards ceremony (left to right): Jenny Beanland, Maria Snell, Josh McClendon, Matt Lindner, Cassandra Pankonien, Lindsay Newell (foreground), Jenny Lanier, Dr. Glenn Griffin, Valerie Grossman. Photo ©2011 by Randy Anderson.
Dallas (SMU) — Students in the Temerlin Advertising Institute at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts took top honors in the Student category of the annual American Advertising Federation ADDY® Awards local competition, hosted by the Dallas Ad League last night at Edison’s in Dallas.

The ADDY® Award program is the world's largest advertising competition with more than 40,000 entries annually in student and professional categories. The contest is unique among advertising creative competitions in that it includes three levels of judging: local, regional and national. Winning an ADDY® at each level qualifies the work to progress to the next higher level

SMU students won 10 awards in six categories, including six bronze, two silver and two gold. The University's winning entries were as follows:

CLIENT: ADT — "Make criminals harmless"
CATEGORY: Magazine Campaign
CREDITS: Kelly Caldwell, copywriter; Josh McClendon, art director
CLIENT: Everlast — "It's not a routine. It's a ritual."
CATEGORY: Magazine Campaign
CREDITS: Jenny Beanland, copywriter; Lindsay Newell, copywriter
CLIENT: Craftsman Auto Hammer
CATEGORY: Magazine Campaign
CREDITS: Valerie Grossman, copywriter; Ben Kaufman, art director
CLIENT: Nooka — "Times change"
CATEGORY: Magazine Campaign
CREDITS: Sarah Treis, art director; Matthew Lindner, copywriter
CLIENT: Spanx Undercover Diet
CATEGORY: Non-Traditional Advertising
CREDITS: Britney Jo Ludkowski, copywriter; Sarah Treis, art director
CLIENT: Nooka — "Function meets fiction"
CREDITS: Elizabeth Entenman, copywriter; Cassandra Pankonien, art director
CLIENT: Haynes Auto Repair — "Don't get taken for a ride"
CATEGORY: Magazine Campaign
CREDITS: Tyler Cone, art director; Matthew Lindner, copywriter
CLIENT: Nooka — "Function meets fiction" illustration
CATEGORY: Illustration
CREDITS: Elizabeth Entenman, copywriter; Cassandra Pankonien, art director
CLIENT: — "Restaurants delivered"
CATEGORY: Out-of-Home
CREDITS: Lindsay Newell, copywriter; Maria Snell, copywriter
CLIENT: FitTV At-Home Fitness Catalogue
CATEGORY: Direct Marketing
CREDITS: Elizabeth Entenman, copywriter; Jenny Lanier, art director

Dr. Patricia Alvey, distinguished chair and director of the Temerlin Advertising Institute, said, “Just a few years ago, we would have been completely overshadowed by all other art/design/advertising schools. As we began to build a creative program from the ground up, we didn't even enter competitions for the first few years. Gradually we began to make better showings, and then began to bring home a handful of awards. And now we regularly sweep local, regional, national and even international competitions.

"SMU's standing as a true creative bright spot has now been proven with the hardest-to-reach and most competitive part of the advertising and design industries — the creative competitions. Last night was a wonderful endorsement of the accomplishments of our faculty and students."


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