Reginald Gray, economics teacher — Reggie G, rapper

Feature story about SMU alumnus Reginald Gray, an economist who's also a rapper.

Music Critic

Reginald Gray won't conform to stereotypes. Especially when he's rapper Reggie G.

As Reggie G, he's got a conversational flow and a penchant for musical variety, from spaghetti Western themes to OutKast to Ozzy Osbourne. He bypasses the rap lifestyle trappings – no bling, no limos, no scantily clad women – and relishes everyday realities.

He also has two degrees from Southern Methodist University, a bachelor's in advertising and a master's in economics. He's working on his doctorate.

"Reggie wasn't born with a platinum spoon in his mouth," says Corbin Corona, who produced a track Gray recorded with Houston's Chamillionaire. "He came and he worked and he went to SMU. The guy teaches night classes on micro- and macro- economics."

That's five classes at Dallas' Paul Quinn College and Navarro College's Midlothian campus. It takes coaxing to get Gray to acknowledge that. Not because he's ashamed of teaching, but because he doesn't want to be viewed as "the rapper with the degrees." He doesn't want to appear as if he's being made out to be "better than anybody else," he says.

Gray takes the teaching seriously, and it informs his rapping.

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