Palin galvanizes Democratic Party base

Cal Jillson, a political scientist in SMU's Dedman College, says that Sarah Palin is also galvanizing the Democrats with her sharp rhetoric.

By Ed Stoddard

DALLAS (Reuters) - Republican evangelicals are not the only political base vice presidential pick Sarah Palin is energizing.

Democratic foot soldiers have sprung into action in response to John McCain's running-mate's personal attacks on their candidate, Barack Obama, her opposition to abortion rights and her endorsement from religious conservatives. . .

Palin's impact on the left was seen almost immediately after her rousing speech last month at the Republican National Convention, when Obama's campaign reported the next day that over $8 million had poured into it from over 130,000 donors. . .

"Her attacks will make liberals see red," added political scientist Cal Jillson of Southern Methodist University. . .

 "Sarah Palin has energized the Republican base in unexpected ways and there is always countermobilization to a successful mobilization," said Jillson.

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