Yaofang Hu

Ph.D., Statistical Science

I grew up in Shandong Province, China and earned my bachelor degree in Singapore. In my undergraduate studies, I was fascinated by the magic of statistics. I realized that many laws of nature, society and human are described by the data surrounding us. Every set of data carries an interesting story that can inspire meaningful problems. However, the story is usually behind the scenes and we lack means to explore it. This stimulated my curiosity greatly, inspiring me to propose efficient means and unveil the narrative hidden in the data. I am thankful of having chosen Statistics as my undergraduate major, and the journey has made an excellent storyteller. However, I was not completely satisfied. Because the more I learn, the more curious I am about the world of Statistics. It is not just useful, but also beautiful, for its ability to depict the uncertainty and complexity of the world can be depicted through the simplest and most straight-forward formulas. As a result, I decided to pursue further study in statistics. Fortunately, I came to SMU. 

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and traveling. My favorite author is George Orwell.