Marne Chacon

Ph.D., Anthropology

Having lived in four states, I’d say Arizona is where I most feel at home.  It’s where I spent the majority of my childhood, and really, where my interest in anthropology developed.  My family would spend our weekends going on road trips to see different ruins, hike, or go off-roading.  Anywhere we went, I was constantly searching for some sort of artifact.  This, combined with my fascination with medical practices and healthcare are what led me to medical anthropology.  Before starting at SMU, I received a B.S. in Anthropology as well as a Biomedical Research Certificate from Texas A&M University.  I am interested in doing research in mental health, and/or patient’s rights and experiences in hospitals.  In my spare time, I still enjoy going on road trips, as well as spending time with friends, and going on adventures with my dog, Tucker.