Christopher Walton

Ph.D., History

I grew up in Fredericksburg, Texas, and history has long been one of my favorite areas of study. Actually, as my studies have progressed, my interests have focused on the intersection between the disciplines of history, political theory, and Christian theology in the American colonial and revolutionary eras. I am particularly interested in studying Presbyterian ministers between the First Awakening and the Revolution, focusing on how they interacted with the political. I desire to contextualize my study through interdisciplinary interaction and by examining intellectual roots and transatlantic interactions. In my undergraduate studies at Whitefield College, I focused on Western philosophy, Christian theology, and American history. At the University of Dallas, I earned a Masters of American Studies, concentrating on American history and constitutional/political theory, with forays into literature and Medieval political philosophy. In my spare time, I love to sing, play the piano, stay involved with my church, watch college football, and share a good meal with friends.