Art Taychameekiatchai

Art Taychameekiatchai

Ph.D. candidate, Department of Statistical Science

Research Interests:

Art applies deep learning statistical models to data rich segments of pathology, such as microbial genetic sequences and medical imaging. His overarching goal is to synthesize complex biological data into rigorous predictive models and software tools so that physicians around the world will hopefully be able to use his research to help diagnose patients.

Road to the Moody School:

While both his parents grew up in Thailand, Art was born and raised in Texas, where he completed a B.S. in statistics and a B.B.A. in finance at SMU. During this time, he was a research assistant in the math department, and he worked on modeling the spread of infectious diseases. Here, he found his love for research. In his free time, he enjoys walking his dogs, playing video games and trading stocks.