Imogen Hoffman

Ph.D. student, Department of Chemistry

Research Interests:
Imogen’s research centers around the synthesis of natural polymers and hydrogels through base-catalyzed feedback. Polymers, essential to everyday life, inspire her pursuit of their application across fields such as bio-based adhesives, coatings and drug delivery systems.

Road to the Moody School:
Imogen graduated with a B.S. in chemistry in 2021 from Louisiana State University, where, as a member of the Ogden Honors College, she received prestigious awards in her field of study. She conducted her undergraduate and post-baccalaureate research under polymer chemist John A. Pojman, with her research published in the Journal of Polymer Science and Chaos. As a member of the Pojman Research Team, Imogen collaborated with Dr. Annette Taylor of the University of Sheffield (England) on new methods for the bio-catalytic control of gelation for natural adhesives and repair. At SMU, Imogen is part of the research group of distinguished professor David Y. Son, where she synthesizes degradable polymer networks in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering.