Advising Guide

Who should you see for advising?

For Pre-Majors in any CCPA program and Minors in CCPA or Nonprofit and Arts Leadership – Melissa Keene

For Majors:

  • In Nonprofit and Arts Leadership – Dr. Earle
  • In Organizational Communication – Dr. Lynch
  • In Public Affairs and Political Communication – Dr. Salinas
  • In Social Innovation, Creative and Arts Entrepreneurship – Professor Hart
  • In Public Relations and Strategic Communication – Dr. Duhé
  • If you’re not sure which track is right for you, see Dr. Duhé 

Two Important Points:

  • You can double major in CCPA and Public Relations, or major in Public Relations and minor in CCPA, or just major in CCPA or Public Relations
  • If you’re having a difficulty deciding what to study, take a “Principles of” class to learn more about that field. Each Principles class is open to all Division majors: CCPA 3347 Principles of Political Communication, CCPA 3355 Principles of Public Relations, CCPA 3365 Principles of Organizational Communication, and CCPA 3370 Principles of Social Innovation