Larrie and Bobbi Weil Undergraduate Research Award

The Larrie and Bobbi Weil Undergraduate Research Award recognizes a student research paper that demonstrates depth, breadth, and thoughtful command of library resources. The winning student receives an award at Honors Convocation and $500. The winning paper is placed in the SMU Archives and SMU Scholar and may be published in the SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research.


  • Only faculty members may nominate student papers.
  • Students must be currently registered undergraduates at the time of receiving the award.
  • Any papers from a course, program or project from the previous calendar year are eligible.
  • Papers must be written in English and have one author.

Nomination Process

Address these questions in your nominations, which the Weil Award Committee will use to evaluate papers. For more detail, see our Reviewing Student Research guide.

  • Do the sources chosen demonstrate a grasp of the scope of research on this topic?
  • Are the chosen sources specifically pertinent to the research question?
  • Does the student truly engage with the sources? Is it clear that the student understood the content and context of the sources in their entirety?

Notify each student of your intent to nominate their paper. Nomination deadline: March 1.

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