Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

SMU Libraries Value - We Find Strength in Unity

The SMU Libraries values creating and sustaining a climate of inclusion individually, through our language and behavior, and institutionally, through our services, spaces, collections, and practices.

Strategic Directions & Plan

Goal 4: Connect Our Communities

“SMU Libraries cultivates inclusive, equitable, and accessible spaces, services, programs, and resources so that our libraries exemplify the SMU welcoming and supportive community.”

SMU Libraries Strategic Plan, 2019-2024

EDIA Plan and Report

In Progress


The SMU Libraries Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (EDIA) Committee guides the SMU Libraries in proactively advancing diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in SMU Libraries. Its charge is the creation and oversight of a plan for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in staffing, programs, services, and resources, and to advise and liaise with other SMU Libraries committees (e.g., LEAD) in their training, advocacy, and involvement in campus-wide and professional initiatives.

The first year of this committee established a plan to fulfill the SMU Libraries Strategic Plan, 2019-2024 Goal 4 Objective 1. The ongoing work of the EDIA Committee will be in an advisory capacity for the committees, teams, and departments to make changes as defined by this plan. Chairing this Committee, the EDIA Officer will communicate recommendations from SMU’s Chief Diversity Officer for the Committee to address within SMU Libraries.

EDIA Officer

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (EDIA) Officer serves as an advocate for all members of the SMU Libraries community. Primary roles of the EDIA Officer are to lead the EDIA Committee to fulfill their charge, and to serve as the SMU Libraries representative to the SMU University Diversity Council and the direction of SMU’s Chief Diversity Officer (CDO). The EDIA Officer serves in an ex officio capacity on the SMU Libraries Executive Board, Student Advisory Board, and all SMU Libraries search committees.

Critical Cataloging Task Force

The SMU Libraries Critical Cataloging task force is responsible for identifying and addressing aspects of the library catalog that do not contribute to our goal of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. We welcome your suggestions for more inclusive language in Library Search. To make a suggestion, fill out the SMU Libraries feedback form and select Library Search from the drop down menu. Please note that we can only make changes to our local catalog and are unable to change the title of a resource. 


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