Frequently asked questions

We would like requests sent a month in advanced to your event happening to allow team enough time to review and help promote if needed. 

The Lumen. Contact University Services directly at 502-234-9599 or

The Chamber at Hughes Trigg Center, and Miller Event Center.

Yes. Formal backdrop portraits are provided for faculty and staff for the entire University. There are pre-scheduled portrait dates, typically one day per month on the second Tuesday or Wednesday. The cost is $40 per person and a fund/org should be provided at the time of sign up.

If departments are requesting as a group (8-10+), then photography team can schedule a specific date for them. Send an email to to schedule those. Same process if want something other than formal backdrop portraits (ie: something environmental at a location). For research faculty, in addition to a backdrop portrait, an environmental portrait may be added showing them in a lab or class environment.

Schedule a headshot