Get Help
Student Affairs wants to ensure students and their families that help and support are available through a variety of resources. These programs assist students in navigating academic and personal difficulties, while also ensuring that University community members (such as students, faculty, and staff) can connect students needing help with assistance in a timely manner. Please explore the programs below for more information on each.
Caring Community Connections

Caring Community Connections (CCC)

The Caring Community Connections Program provides support to students who are experiencing challenges by identifying and linking them to appropriate resources.
Bias incidents

Bias Education Response Team (BERT)

If you observe or experience an incident of bias, we encourage you to file a report online through the Bias Incident Reporting Form to SMU's Bias Education and Response Team (BERT).

Hazing Reporting Form

The purpose of this form is to notify the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards that a hazing incident has occurred. 
Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Harassment Reporting

If you have experienced any form of sexual harassment, please know that you are not alone. SMU and community resources can help, including 24-hour emergency response, medical care and confidential counseling. You can choose the resources you are most comfortable contacting.

Academic Issues

For questions or concerns about academic issues, you can find useful information here to help guide you for the best path to follow, including contact information for department chairs and convenient links to academic support teams ready to help.