Student Boulevard Guidelines

The Student Boulevard will be hosted on Dallas Hall Lawn for the 2024 football season. Due to construction on the Boulevard, the spaces will be reconfigured and expanded. Registered student groups must follow general boulevard guidelines with a few exceptions as noted below. For 2024, Student Boulevards will occur on:

  • August 31st - Houston Christian University
  • September 6th - Brigham Young University
  • September 21st - Texas Christian University
  • September 28th - Florida State University
  • November 2nd - University of Pittsburg
  • November 16th - Boston College

Note: There is no Student Boulevard the week of Thanksgiving.

Full Schedule of Games 

Guidelines for Participating in the Student Boulevard

In accordance with the values of the University and our shared vision for an inclusive campus community, the Boulevard should be a welcome environment for all students at SMU.

Space Allocation & Operations

Tent spaces are requested through a centralized process. Requests are gathered during the Spring semester and allocations occur over the summer. If there are more requests for specific tent size spaces available, requesting groups will be entered into a lottery. Those not selected will have an opportunity to adjust their tent size request. Once spaces have been assigned based on requests from registered student groups, open spaces per game will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note, requesting changes in space sizes must be formally requested through the online form once it is available. Signs will be provided by the tent vendor and will be affixed to the tent however free-standing signs or letters will not be allowed. Space assignments will be made shortly before the start of the season and organizations should only set up in their assigned spaces - tents will not be allowed to put up walls either independently or through the vendor. 

Additionally, there will be a single source of entertainment in the Student Boulevard area, meaning no other source of sound or entertainment will be allowed during the Boulevard. You may provide a playlist by the Wednesday before the game to Dr. Jennifer JJ Jones via email at

Associated Costs

There is no cost for a registered student group to have a space, but each group will be responsible for providing their own tent. Tents must comply with the Boulevard guidelines and anything over 20' x 20' requires a permit and must be arranged through SMU's preferred vendor. Communication will be distributed to registered groups.

Food and Beverage

The university will provide free water on the Boulevard however organizations are responsible for any food or beverage, such as soft drinks, beyond water. Small-group food options may be brought in by students however, large catering orders must go through University preferred vendors. Organizations must pre-purchase alcohol for their organizations should they wish. If an organization is purchasing beer for 21-year-old members, you must pre-ordered through SMU Dining Services. A list of 21-year-old members will be provided to SMU Dining Services based on the organization's roster in SMU360. 

For home games, you must pre-order by noon on Monday before the game. For Thursday night games, you must pre-purchase by 12noon on the Friday of the previous week before the game day. Scott Ruben is your contact, and his email is His office is located at 101 Umphrey Lee. 3-tab wristbands will be provided for those 21-year-old members. During Family Weekend and Homecoming, three extra tabs will be added for your organization’s 21-year-old members and one 21-year-old guest. Alcohol service will conclude 30 minutes before kick-off. There will be no day-of alcohol sales available on the Student Boulevard.

Again, student organizations must purchase their beer through SMU Dining Services. Any organization found with beer that has not been purchased through SMU Dining Services will be referred to conduct.

Setup and Teardown

Boulevard set-up time is three hours before game time and teardown must occur within 2 hours of the completion of the game or by 8am the next morning for late-kick off games. 

Behavior on the Boulevard

SMU student organizations and their leaders should consider the implications of their behavior on the Boulevard in addition to the dress code they set, how they advertise, and all social media posts and decorations related to their participation. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines will immediately result in revocation of Boulevard privileges for the remainder of the season (and potentially the following season depending on timing of violations). Additionally, violations may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. 


SMU Athletics Guidelines

Check out the official Boulevard guidelines from SMU Athletics! Information includes tent information (including pricing and regulations), alcohol policies, food and grilling requirements, as well as general campus information for Game Day.