Academic Support

We work to ensure that all SMU students are aware of the academic opportunities and support systems that operate across campus to ensure their academic success and enrich their experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center

The Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center (A-LEC) is a highly utilized resource for undergraduate students at SMU. Located at 202 Loyd All Sports Center, the A-LEC offers services to help students improve their grades and manage stress levels.

  • Peer tutors provide free assistance for many courses, complementing students’ direct contact with professors. Tutoring sessions can cover course material, focus on specific problems, or offer study tips.

  • The Writing Center is another resource for students where they can meet with a faculty member to improve their research, critical reading, and writing skills. These meetings can include strategies for developing arguments, professional written communication, or revising drafts.

The A-LEC emphasizes academic support and development, helping SMU students become stronger and more successful learners during their time on campus.

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Academic Skill Development

The Academic Skill Development (ASD) office provides tailored academic support services to undergraduate students to help them optimize their learning potential. ASD academic counselors and learning specialists offer individualized academic counseling on topics such as time management, academic skills, and accountability.


Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies

Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies (DASS) provides accommodations and services to students with a range of disabilities, including learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and psychiatric disorders.

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Academic Development of Student-Athletes

The Academic Development of Student-Athletes (ADSA) at SMU understands the unique academic challenges faced by student-athletes. Located in Suite 316 of Loyd All Sports Center, ADSA provides academic counseling to help student-athletes make informed decisions about their degree, major selection, plan their semester courses, and maintain their NCAA eligibility.

Our tutorial program offers supplemental support for SMU graduate and undergraduate courses, with peer tutors available to assist with content comprehension, study skills, and time management. Reading and Writing Interventionists work with our student-athletes to improve their reading and writing skills and identify potential barriers to learning, empowering them to succeed both on and off the field.

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Student Success and Retention

The Office of Student Success and Retention (SSR) strives to empower undergraduate students to succeed from the beginning of their academic journey until graduation day. SSR is committed to providing support and resources to help students overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Success coaching, strategic outreach, and collaboration with other campus offices are just a few of the ways that SSR provides guidance to students navigating obstacles. With a focus on ensuring a positive student experience, SSR is dedicated to helping students thrive and succeed at SMU.

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Office of General Education

The Office of General Education (OGE or GenEd) provides campus-wide leadership in undergraduate education and administers the general education policy enacted by the Council on General Education. SMU’s educational philosophy is that intellectual and professional excellence rises from the solid foundation of a liberal arts education. General education provides an intellectual foundation consisting of the broad outlines of human knowledge, a context for discipline-specific study, and a framework for lifelong learning.

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University Testing Center

The University Testing Center (UTC) offers a range of services and support to assist with educational, career, and personal goals. Our services are available to all SMU students, including those with accommodations, student-athletes, and non-athletes.

We provide testing for academic credit, makeup exams, and professional certification. We strive to engage the local community and SMU students through credit-by-exam (CLEP) and other academic tests. Our policies adhere to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) standards to ensure exam integrity, accessibility, and professionalism for both examiners and examinees.

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University Advising Center

The University Advising Center (UAC) works in partnership with pre-major students to support them as they embark on their undergraduate journey at SMU. Our academic advisors provide guidance and support to help students make informed decisions about their academic careers, cultivate a sense of responsibility and control, and plan for the future.

Additionally, we offer specialized advising for students interested in pre-law or pre-health, and we are available to answer questions about academic policies and procedures. UAC is committed to connecting students to campus resources as needed to ensure their academic success.

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