Vice President for Student Affairs Student Advisory Board

The purpose of the Vice President for Student Affairs Student Advisory Board is to provide feedback and student perspective to the Vice President for Student Affairs on critical issues impacting student life that may arise during the course of an academic year. The Board usually meets once each month during the Fall and Spring semesters of the academic year.

Membership on the Vice President for Student Affairs Student Advisory Board includes the following individuals: student body president, the two student representatives on the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, the Student Trustee, and the four Greek Council presidents. Additionally, other students are appointed to the Board through an application process.

As of 2023-2024, students can fulfill their Civics & Individual (CIE) Proficiency and Experience graduation requirement through participation on the Board.

Ex officio members of the Advisory Board include the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, the Chief of Staff, Dean of Residence Life and Student Housing, University Chaplain, and the Executive Director of Student Development. Others, such as SMU faculty members or SMU alumni may also be appointed as Ex officio members of the Advisory Board.

Current Board Members

Alex Alarcon

Student Body President

Ague Atem

Board Member

Lily Chapman

Multicultural Greek Council President

Jaime Davis

Board Member

Will Emmert

Board Member

Alicia Foote

National-Panhellenic Council President

Sophia Gomez

Panhellenic Council President

Averyl Hartje

Student Rep to the Board of Trustees - Student Affairs Committee

Abby Herrera

Student Trustee

Kennedy Honors

Board Member

Princess Igwe-Icho

Board Member

Abigail Kenwood

Board Member

Oghenesuywe Kokoricha

Board Member

Clayton Meyer

Student Rep to the Board of Trustees - Student Affairs Committee

Aline Nguyen

Board Member

Dinobi Onyeagocha

Board Member

Raelyn Roberson

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Juliana Grace Roller

Board Member

Anish Senthikumar

Board Member

Reid Spitler

Board Member

Anna Claire Su

Board Member

Bryce Tonkin

Interfraternity Council President

Mariam Tran

Board Member

Victoria Valdez

Board Member

Duncan Yozzo

Board Member

Interested in applying to be on the VPSA Student Advisory Board?

Students interested in applying for a board appointment must be in good academic standing with the university (CUME GPA of 3.000 or higher) as well as be in good student conduct standing (no current or prior conduct record of Probation or higher).

Membership Expectations

  1. You will have one (1) mandatory one-on-one meeting with the Executive Director for Student Development and Engagement.
  2. It is mandatory that you are available to attend meetings on Mondays from 12-1:30 PM. If you are unable to meet during this time then you are not eligible to serve as a general member on the VPSA SAB.  These dates are 9/9/24, 10/7/2024, 11/4/2024, 12/2/2024, 2/3/2025, 3/3/2025, 4/7/2024, and 5/5/2024.
  3. You will be asked to bring topics to the group that is pertinent to SMU students for announcement and discussion.
  4. If you are seeking to fulfill your CIE proficiency through involvement in the VPSA Student Advisory Board, you will need to meet additional requirements for contact hours and participation reflection and documentation. Learn more on the Office of General Education website and/or at Board orientation once you are selected to join.

Applications for the 2024-2025 Board are now open!

Your current resume and answers to the questions below are required to apply. Please submit both documents as PDFs.

Interviews will be held the week of April 1-5, 2024. If you progress in the process you will be contacted to sign-up for an interview time.


  1. Why are you interested in being a member of the Vice President’s Student Advisory Board?
  2. Please describe any personal experiences/opportunities that would contribute to your participation on the board.
  3. What do you see as the role of the board?
  4. What are some of the leadership positions you have held to date?
  5. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to keep information confidential? If so, describe that situation.
  6. How would your peers describe you?

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