SMU Wellbeing Commission

A cross-campus partnership between Student and Academic Affairs, the SMU Wellbeing Commission promotes a culture of wellbeing at SMU. The Commission is guided by the American College Health Association’s (ACHA) Healthy Campus Framework.


Healthy Campus Framework


A coordinated approach for access and commitment to students' basic health needs.

Medial Services
Mental Health Services
Health Promotion Services
After Hours Emergency Care
Public Health and Safety
Basic Food and Shelter


A systematic, structural, and organizational approach to achieving social change for complex wellbeing challenges. Shift from programming to wellbeing embedded in policy culture and organization.

Core Structure
Shared Agenda
Evidence Informed Tools
Student and Staff Wellbeing
Data to Set Strategic Priorities
Human Monetary Resources


A history of building systems, programs, and policies through assessment and collaborative work across sectors.

Embed Core Structure
Institutionalize Shared Agenda
Monitors Data Over Time
Academic Infusion
Wellbeing Policies
Commitment to JEDI, sustainability, and the built environment


Established in Spring 2023, the Commission utilizes a Steering Committee/Taskforce structure to implement a systematic, structural and organizational approach in addressing complex wellbeing challenges and fostering social change.

The Steering Committee, co-led by Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. K.C. Mmeje and Provost Elizabeth Loboa, establishes and monitors measurable campus-wide wellbeing outcomes in four priority areas:

  • Hazing prevention
  • Mental health outreach
  • Sexual misconduct prevention
  • Substance use prevention

More information to come soon!