Search Committee Toolkit

The Student Affairs Division is committed to hiring and retaining exceptional staff talent in support of our mission and strategic plan. Hiring managers and search committees will find division resources below to support university processes related to the hire new staff.

If you have questions or would like guidance during the search process, please reach out to Student Affairs Administration at We're here to help!


Preparing for the Search

Student Affairs Search Standards - These standards are intended as a procedural guide for recruiting and hiring professional staff positions in Student Affairs. The primary focus for these guidelines is ensuring the promotion of diversity and equal opportunity for all applicants and to yield a diverse pool of candidates.  

Meet with Dr. Jennifer "JJ" Jones, Diversity Officer for Student Affairs 

In support of this effort, all SMU Student Affairs Staff jobs are automatically posted to:


The Search

Candidate screenings determine whether an applicant meets the minimum requirements as articulated in the job posting. Rubrics guide your evaluation process during the screenings. Review the rubric templates and adapt them to your search.

Email Templates - Find general email templates to assist you with candidate communication.

Search Committee Interview Tips

On Campus Interview Schedule Templates

Division Materials - Student Affairs Administration offers a packet of materials to introduce candidates to the division. Email to request packets for your candidates.

Reference Check Questionnaire - Human Resources requires three references for the selected candidate.

After the Search

Employee Onboarding Checklist - Employee onboarding is a critical process that lays the foundation for a successful and productive work environment. This onboarding checklist, available in both Word and as an Asana project, contains tasks for both the hiring manager and staff member designed to help the new employee as they begin their journey at SMU.

Welcome - Student Affairs Administration provides a number of welcome activities for new members of our division including a new employee orientation. Let us know you’ve made a hire and we’ll help you welcome your new employee SMU Student Affairs style!