Office of Wellbeing Education

The Office of Wellbeing Education was created in 2022, aiming to promote a living and learning environment in which people can reach their full potential. Our approach is proactive, using various strategies and most importantly focusing on the person as a whole. We strive to infuse wellbeing into the everyday operations of the University, and we do this by incorporating programs on campus like workshops, classes, and outreach events in which wellbeing is promoted.


four students sitting at table talking in front of wall, red letters spelling pony on wall

Wellbeing Education Student Team (WEST)

The Wellbeing Student Education Team, also known as WESTies, are a diverse and equipped group of undergraduate students charged with empowering their peers to make informed decisions regarding their wellbeing.

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Substance Use Resources

We provide resources for outreach, counseling, and recovery. From workshops and presentations to group or 1:1 counseling, there are many options available to SMU students.

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Wellbeing Resources

Students have a variety of resources available to support their overall wellbeing. Many offices across campus are available to help students whether it's for mental, physical, career, academic, or spiritual health.