Education and prevention at SMU

SMU’s Office of Student Advocacy and Support (214-768-4512), the Women & LGBT Center (214-768-4792) and Counseling Services (214-768-2277) coordinate and provide educational and prevention programs on sexual harassment.

The Office of Institutional Access and Equity (214-768-3601) also provides education on Title IX and the University’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy.

SMU Police (214-768-3333) provide crime prevention education and self-defense training to the campus community.

Education for incoming students includes a required comprehensive online course. Information about SMU’s sexual harassment policy, procedures and resources is posted at

Campus-wide programs include Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Relationship Violence Awareness Month, National Night Out and Take Back the Night. Programs also are available to individual classes, Residential Commons and fraternities and sororities upon request.

Students involved in raising awareness of sexual assault and relationship violence include the student organizations the Feminist Equality Movement (FEM) and Wellness Champions.

To learn more and get involved, call the Office of Student Advocacy and Support, 214-768-4512, or email