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Seeing Well and Leading Well 

When entrepreneurialism and academia collide, you end up with a conversation that gets to the heart of discourse in our culture. Mitch is joined by Rita Kirk in an interview that brings new perspectives to a world where communication is easy to access but hard to master.

Dr. Rita Kirk | The Whole Enchilada Podcast | 4/12/2021


We sacrificed working moms to survive the pandemic; it’s time to share the burden

As society inches toward reopening and returns to work en masse, how can we reconcile the impossible asks and unprecedented strain on working mothers?

Adria Richmond | USA Today | 4/7/2021

 The Necessity of Pivoting: Interviews in the Future of Our Field

As a soon-to-be graduate with an MFA in costume design, I thought I would be riding high this year—hustling and making moves to launch myself into a decades-long lucrative career in design. Lofty, yes, but that’s truly how I felt things were going to go—I had been kicking butt. It all came to a screeching halt in the short span of four days in the middle of March. All at once my prospects were cancelled. My summer plans were gone, and my upcoming production was eliminated the same day I was let go from my assistant job at a regional theatre. I found myself at a bar on a Friday evening trying not to cry while Celine Dion blasted over the speakers.

Former Public Service Fellow Janice Rabian | HowlRound Theatre Commons | 11/16/2020