Office 365

Office 365 at SMU

Office 365 is a suite of online tools and services provided by Microsoft.
The features available at SMU include:

License Admitted Students Matriculated Students Active Students Former Students Employees Kelly Services Aramark Retirees Instructor Sponsored Contractors
Exchange Online
 yes  yes  yes  yes  no  no  no  no  no  no
OneDrive for Business
 no  yes  yes  no  yes  yes  yes  no  yes  no
Office Online
 no  yes  yes  no  yes  yes  yes  no  yes  no
Office ProPlus
 no  yes  yes  no  yes  no  no  no  no  no
Skype Online
 no  no  no  no  no  no  no  no  no  no
Power BI
 yes  yes  yes  no  yes  no  yes  no  yes  no


Office Online

Office Online provides browser based, online versions of the Office applications. From any device, you can create word, excel, and powerpoint files within the browser itself. Some functionality is only available using the full application suite. From within the online app, you can quickly change to the full version with just one click. If your device doesn't have the Office applications installed, you can still create and edit files using the online applications only.

To use Office Online, login to your Office365 account. Then click the desired service on the top right corner of the menu bar.

Office ProPlus 

Office ProPlus offers the full Microsoft Office Suite of applications for installation on up to 10 devices. Students will be licensed for ProPlus as soon as they are matriculated. They will remain licensed as long as they are an active student. Following graduation or withdrawal from the University, the license will be removed. The applications then convert to read only mode. Students have the option to purchase licensing directly through Microsoft in order to restore functionality.

The applications are available for various device types including Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Computers on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Obtaining the software

  1. Open a web browser on the device that you wish to install Office
  2. Visit and Click Login
  3. Enter your SMU email address using the format (
  4. You will automatically be redirected to the SMU Office365 login page
  5. Enter your SMU SMU ID number and password
  6. Click Sign In
  7. Select Install Office in the top right corner
  8. Follow on-screen prompts

If you are prompted at anytime during the installation process to enter a license key or sign in using an existing Office 365 account, log in using your SMU e-mail address and SMU password.


**  Students will retain access to OneDrive for a minimum of 365 days after they leave the University. After that, students have the option to purchase the subscription for that service through Microsoft.


OneDriveOneDrive for Business is a Microsoft online service that provides resources for file storage, collaboration and communication.  Students and Employees receive 1 terabyte of storage space. All files that you store in OneDrive are private initially. However, you can easily change the permissions of the files to share them with other individuals (both at SMU and externally). The single-item file size upload limit is currently 10 gigabytes. 

OneDrive for Business offers the following capabilities:

  • Store up to 1 TB of data online
  • Share files within SMU as well as outside of SMU
  • Access and synchronize files easily on multiple devices

Using OneDrive

  1. Login to your O365 account
  2. Click OneDrive from the top menu bar. The first time you click on OneDrive, you may see a message that indicates your account is being activated.  That process takes a few minutes to complete.
  3. You can use the OneDrive service from the browser window. Once you have initially launched one drive, it should also be a default save option without your Microsoft Office applications. You can also download the OneDrive Sync application onto your computer. This will automatically backup files saved to a specified location to your OneDrive account

Adding OneDrive to your Microsoft Office Suite

  1. Launch an Office application
  2. Click File
  3. Click Account
  4. Click Add a service
  5. Select Storage > OneDrive
  6. Enter your email address using the format

Synchronizing Files

Sync allows you to designate one or more OneDrive for Business folders to be replicated on your local computer or mobile device. Once you establish sync, you can change a file in OneDrive online and the local copy of the file is updated automatically and vice versa.  

For Office 2013 and 2016 clients, OneDrive for Business sync is already built in. Once you click Sync from within the browser, it should automatically create the local folder and start the connection service.

For other clients, you can download the One Drive for Business sync app.

For more information or to view tutorials on configuring and using OneDrive, visit