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 To help enhance application and data security, Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required to access this service.

Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) is a Web-based enterprise data collection and analysis product for market research, customer insights, employee performance, event registration, institutional assessment, alumni outreach, academic research, and much more. Through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, and award-winning services and support. Qualtrics enables both professional and DIY researchers at SMU to conduct quantitative research quickly and easily.

Getting Started

Qualtrics is available to any faculty, staff, or student with an SMU ID and password. Your Qualtrics account is automatically created when you sign in the first time.

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  1. Click the Sign In button above.
  2. If you are currently logged into another system using Single Sign-On, you will be directed to your My Projects space in Qualtrics.
    • If you are not logged into a system using Single Sign-On, login with your SMU ID and your SMU Password. You will then be directed to your My Projects space in Qualtrics.
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Access Your Content

All of your Qualtrics Questionnaires will be found in the My Projects page. To see all of the projects available to you, click the All Projects link in the sidebar.

Please Note:
 If sharing a project or survey with another user, please have them sign in to Qualtrics at least once before sharing any content with them.

Documentation and Training

XM Basecamp

XM Basecamp offers Qualtrics training through our free, self-paced courses and live training. Certification for Qualtrics XM is also available within the XM Basecamp.

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Qualtrics Support

Technical support is provided directly by Qualtrics. To request support, visit the Qualtrics Support Center. At the login page, click the Sign in with SSO link and enter SMU as the organization ID. You will then be prompted to log in with your SMU credentials.

Support is also available through the OIT Knowledge Base for Qualtrics and the IT Help Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as they have an SMU ID number and password, they can use Qualtics. Basically, all faculty, staff, and students can use the service.

Please have the other user sign in to Qualtics at least once before sharing a project/survey with them.

  1. Edit Project
  2. Under the Survey tab,  Click on Survey Flow
  3. Beneath the Default Question Block click on the Add a New Element Here link
  4. Choose Authenticator
  5. Set Authentication Type to SSO
  6. Deselect Associate Respondent with Panel
  7. Change SSO Type to Shibboleth
  8. Find the Move link in the Default Question Block (above the authenticator block you just created).
  9. Click on the Move link and drag the Default Question Block down into the authenticator block you just created.
  10. Click the Save Flow button at the bottom right.