Libwizard is a cloud-based application for building forms. LibWizard is available to Sitecore editors who need to build forms that will appear on Sitecore webpages.

LibWizard allows Sitecore users to:

  • Set forms up with cut-off dates and maximum number of responses (helpful for RSVP events)
  • Use conditional logic
  • Embed forms on any Sitecore webpage
  • Receive emails when forms have been updated
  • Download and/or edit saved data

Getting Started

Obtaining a LIbWizard Account

To get started using LibWizard, you will need to submit a help ticket to request access to LibWizard.

When to Use LibWizard

  • Use LibWizard to embed forms on Sitecore pages

When to Use Another Solution

  • Use another product if you need to collect sensitive information or PII (personally identifiable information)
  • Use another product if your form is specific to the campus community
  • Use another product if you need to send automated emails to an external audience, such as an email confirmation to a prospective student

Documentation and Training

SMU-specific instructions (login required)

Springboard tutorials